Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My first real update

I waited for a while to start this series because I was trying to finish some commitment stitching. I love it but with the issues I am facing at the moment I couldn't seem to work on them. So I finally broke down and started. I decided to stitch the series as a "Four Seasons" piece. The first piece will be December, January, and February. The second will be March, April and get the picture. ;)

I am stitching this on the recommended alternative fabric 32 ct Smokey Pearl Belfast. The color of the actual linen is darker in person than in the pictures. I am so glad that I went with the darker color. All the colors stand out so much more. February's piece has a few thread changes since out of all my current floss stash I only had one of the three DMC required. I used 3326 for 3354 and 333 for 154. When selecting these I went with colors that were a similar color to those charted. I think they worked out very well. Then I started January's chart. I was able to find all the charted colors. I am in love with the little cardinals on this piece. Since I took the pictures below I have completed all the stems and only have a couple of the blossoms left to stitch.

The baby girl modeling February's Primrose.

Up close of February

Close look at first half of January's Snowdrop (before I moved to the actual snowdrops)
The whole piece so far.

I have not decided if I am going to start March on the next piece of fabric. Part two of the "4 Seasons" or if I am going to start on the Journal cover. I am really enjoying these pieces...well except for the multiple change of colors in the words. But I can live with that since these are coming out so nicely.
Ta Ta for now,
Angela CG in TX


  1. Love the idea of the four seasons! The fabby color is perfect.

  2. Love the four seasons idea, that'll look great when finished! I don't really care for the changing colors on the letters either but it does look really good in the end.