Friday, April 5, 2013

Cover Page Finally Finished!

I'm sure there were frogs in there somewhere, I sure found enough!  If you look close, maybe you can see where I messed up - are you looking?  Oh well, I just got to a point where it just didn't matter.  Now to find the book I want to display it in.  I might just make one,  but I'm not going to worry about that for a while, I've got too much stitching to do! 

I started January, with a little help from Max.  But don't let him fool you, he was after my threads! 
 I've only received up to February, but some of you already have March?  I guess they're being sent out at different times?


  1. Astrid - Very nice cover page. And such a good helper you have there. I've found that April is now available to order as well. May is supposed to be ready by the end of this month.

  2. I love how you did the cover page. I have a couple little helpers too, furry and non.
    I just got Feb. last week. If you're doing the auto ship through Beach Cottage Stitchers she sends you one a month based on when you first ordered. I didn't order til Feb. so I'm a month behind. Or others might just be getting them as they come available instead of the auto-ship.